Tuxedo Rental Details & Agreement

Providence Place is proud to offer you a discount on your tuxedo rental with our partner in formal wear (Jim’s Formal Wear). In order to provide you with the fit and finish you want for your event, please complete the form below and proceed to the payment page.


  • You MUST know the bride’s full name.
  • You MUST know the STYLE CATEGORY for your tuxedo (the bride or groom will know this)
  • Wedding Party Information

  • Please select...
  • Off-the-Rack Size Information

    If you know what size you currently wear in dress shirts, trousers, and suit jacket, please enter those sizes here. For example, you may wear a 16/34-35 dress shirt, a 40R jacket, and 34/30 trousers.
  • What size is your best-fitting suit jacket?
  • What size are your best-fitting dress trousers?
  • What size dress shirt do you currently wear?
  • Tuxedo Details

    Please complete these fields using the measurements you received at your local tailor or any Jim's Formalwear location.
  • Please provide your height for accurate jacket length.
  • Please provide your weight for jacket fit.
  • Place tape around neck at collar level (not across the center) and measure snug (no fingers between the tape). ADD 1" and enter that number here.
  • Raise arms and place the tape parallel to the floor around the broadest part of the chest under the armpits. Lower arms and relax.
  • Arms at sides (relaxed), place tape around the broadest part of the chest and shoulders (typically at center of bicep)
  • Remove items from pockets and place tape across the broadest part of the hips and seat. Tape should be snug, and measured at the side of the client.
  • Place tape across the body, just below the navel. If a plus-size man, place tape at trouser waist.
  • With shoes off, measure from top of trousers (at or just below navel) down the outside of the leg to the floor. If a plus-size male, measure from top of trousers above the back pocket to the floor.
  • Measure from base of the neck (bottom of collar) across the shoulder and down to the elbow, then down to the wrist. ADD 1.5" and round to nearest whole number
  • Please indicate the size and width of your dress shoes
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.