Calling All Honeymooners!

While planning the wedding can be both fun and time consuming, don’t forget about the honeymoon! It has become a common trend to have the groom make all the honeymoon plans and surprise the bride after the wedding. This is a great idea, however don’t forget to discuss some common ideas you both share for your special trip. If you’re a control freak, like me, it may be difficult for you to give up your say in your honeymoon but I promise your hubby won’t do you wrong. Leave subtle tips around the house if you need to so he knows what’s up. Here’s some things to keep in mind when discussing your honeymoon…

  • Have a set budget, be conscious how much you want to spend on the trip total
  • Determine the type of honeymoon you want: beachy, camping, historical Europe
  • Pick flexible travel dates, make sure both your schedules work with your honeymoon dates
  • Make sure you pack accordingly, you can spend a few months prior preparing for your trip
  • If you trust your future husband to make the plans and surprise you, then trust him to do it!

Most honeymooners want a tropical oasis on their special trip. I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy working on their tan enjoying a drink with an umbrella in it? With so many beach destination locations available around the globe, many resorts offer all inclusive honeymoon packages. Take advantage of any specials you can so you have plenty of spending cash without breaking the bank. Do research when looking at locations on islands or beaches. Make sure you are not booking during their storm season, you’ll get cheaper rates but you risk your paradise trip. While being stuck in your room for hours at a time is probably the idea your man had, you don’t want to miss the relaxing sun or fun ocean activities because of a tsunami; not to mention the danger. Always read reviews and price around. Just because their website says they are the best may not necessarily be the case. If you’re planning a beach themed honeymoon don’t forget your sunscreen! It’s a great destination to enjoy your new time as husband and wife while relaxing under the sun!

For the ultimate romantics, Europe is the honeymoon spot for you. With so much rich culture and history, European cities are becoming the ultimate destinations after the wedding. Whether you want to tour the British Isles or enjoy the rich culture of Budapest, Europe has something for everyone. Being a history buff myself, the idea of spending my honeymoon site seeing and experience the culture shock sounds pretty appealing to me! More and more hotels and countries are offering packages with not only your room set up but also incorporating the sites each country has to offer. Europe is great for the ultimate jet-setting couple (which I hope to be one day). Remember, to check reviews, price around. You don’t want to get caught paying for a hotel and finding out it’s a hostel and you have to share your room with 3 other people. Each country differs according to culture and history. So keep in mind the sites you want to visit and book accordingly; the countries are closely connected but that doesn’t mean you have the time, money or necessary paperwork to stop at each and every one. Enjoy the history Europe has to offer as husband and wife, you’ll have memories and photos that are awe-inspiring.

For the more adventurous and nature loving couple, a honeymoon camping trip is the best idea for you. If you want to truly be away from your real life for a few days and enjoy each other’s company then consider a camping trip after the nuptials. Camping trips can be more affordable and still offer great views outside your bedroom window. I have found more and more couples wanting to enjoy nature and share in their love outside. Several vendors have taken note and now offer all inclusive campsites. If you like the idea of camping but can’t fathom the idea of truly “roughing” it then maybe a destination campsite would suit you best. I personally do not do well without cell phone service, but the idea of being in nature with my husband is truly magical. Whether you want to have a mountain view or enjoy the wooded forest and glass lake there is a spot out there for you. Make sure you have the necessary equipment and are fully prepared for a few days outside of civilization. If you are not an experienced camper but want to go at it on your own, make sure you talk with park rangers, forest guides prior to better understand your location and how to act if problems arise. Camping honeymoons can be awfully romantic and give you true serenity. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to enjoy a camping honeymoon one day.

Have fun planning your honeymoon and enjoy the moments you will share as husband and wife. There are so many blogs/websites to help you prepare for your honey and decide which location is best for you. Your honeymoon may be the only vacation you get for awhile as a new couple so make the most of it. It’s ok if you can’t leave the night of your wedding, more and more couple are planning their honeymoons months after their nuptials to accommodate time and budget. If your honey is going to surprise you for your special trip enjoy it! Even if it’s not your ideal trip, remember it was planned with love and the focus is to enjoy each as husband and wife.
Happy Travels my lovely Honeymooners!