Flower Girl Tips and Fashion

Flower Girl Dresses Providence Place BridalThe string quartet is playing beautiful music and right before the bride walks down the aisle, there she is, the adorable little flower girl with her basket of petals dropping them down the walkway. Everyone loves to see these little darlings at weddings, but ultimately the decision is up to the brides. If you do decide to have a flower girl, it should be a relative or a close friends little girl. The best age is between 4 and 8 years of age. There are a few things that the bride should know prior to having her walk down the aisle.
• Communicate about her duty well in advance. PRACTICE not only at the venue, but have the parents work with her at home along with positive pep talks.
• Sometimes it is easier to have two flower girls instead of one so they feel more comfortable, especially if it is her sibling.
• Have the flower girl meet the bridesmaids at the bridal luncheon or shower. Again this helps her to feel more comfortable on the day of the wedding.
• Seat the parents towards the front of church so the flower girl can sit by her parents after she walks down the aisle. If she is an older or more mature flower girl she can stand with the bridesmaids.
• Have a backup plan in case she all of a sudden has cold feet. The maid of honor could take her hand and walk her down the aisle.
• If there is too much stress and she is in tears, just plan on not having her go down the aisle. It is important to stay flexible.

The fashion forward bride will want her flower girl to coordinate with her wedding dress, which will be either white or ivory. Tea-length is recommended since floor length can be risky with her tripping on it. Most dresses will have the option of a coordinating sash that matches the bridesmaid dresses. Adding a silk flower or rose attached to the sash adds a special touch.
Prices vary on designer, fabric and size. The dress is purchased by the parents of the flower girl. Many companies keep their dresses in stock so you can purchase closer to the wedding. This is helpful since the flower girl could have a growth spurt. If the company has the dresses in stock, you should order the dress about six weeks prior to the wedding. This will give you time to take care of minor alterations.
The flower girl shoes should be worn at home prior to the wedding to make sure they are comfortable. If the bottom of the shoe is slippery, rough the up so she will be less likely to fall, especially if she is walking on tile or wood floors. Satin dyeable shoes dyed the color of the sash looks adorable.
Keep the jewelry to a minimal. If she has her ears pierced, small pearl earrings look very sweet.
Under garments should be a neutral color instead of a color or polka dots. White is best. If the wedding is in a colder environment, the flower girl might want to wear stockings, but make sure it matches the dress in the correct color.
Hair decisions should be run by the bride prior to the wedding. The bride might want the florist to make a flower crown for her hair.

If you decide to have a flower girl, it truly is a sweet addition to your wedding. The main thing is to stay flexible because after all, it is a child. Make sure your photographer gets some good pictures of the flower girl and you together. The flower girl will be an adorable addition to your wedding party that you won’t want to forget.