Wedding Hair Trends

Wedding Hair at Providence Place Bridal in RockwallWhen it comes to how you look on your wedding day, every piece must be a coordination of your style and bridal. We are seeing more and more brides opting for fun elaborate hair accessories and outlandish hair styles. Your wedding style should incorporate your personal taste whether it be fun, edgy, sophisticated, whimsical, vintage, etc. Play around with your stylist and create a look that is all your own. After all, it will probably be the only time in your life where you can dress, style, look however you want.


If you’ve always wanted a big bold hair piece then embrace it. Your style will come together as a whole for the big day. Don’t be afraid to take some chances and play with hair accessories. The only suggestion we have is, if you opt for a bold hair piece then counteract the rest of your accessories and look. Don’t get too bold with large earrings, a lavish up-do or even over the top makeup. Play around with it and make sure there is a balance. You want your guests to be draw to you as a whole, not one specific piece.

Embrace the Up-do.

Let your stylist have some fun with your up-do. Braids are a great way to keep your hair under control and ad some texture. When you’re having fun, dancing the night way, keep in mind your hair. While long flowing locks may look beautiful walking down the aisle with your veil, they won’t last through a night of dancing, moving and after party. Up-dos can be fun and hassle free. By the end of the night your hair will still be in place and you’re still look great for your exit pictures. Braids break the classic look and work great to keep bangs from plastering to your face. Consider up-dos for outdoor ceremonies to combat wind and other possible outdoor elements.

Floral for your hair.

Flowers always make beautiful additions to a wedding hair style. If you’re the bride who wants the added floral, keep some things in mind. While real flowers look more beautiful, they are difficult to work with, you have to use what is in season, and they won’t last through the night. Find a vendor who can make custom floral pieces for accessories, they will be able to provide an array of silk floral for your hair stylist to create your wedding look. If you are not feeling the veil look for your special, try out floral in your look. You can incorporate some of your clothes and create a whimsical look.

Your hair style is almost as important as your wedding gown on the big day. It is one of the main bridal accessories you get to have fun with. Remember to embrace your style and don’t be afraid to push the limits for your special day. Find a stylist you’re comfortable with and enjoy several trial runs before your big day. The stylist is there to make sure you look good and every aspect of your look compliments the other. If you’re not a veil type of bride, try out different hair pieces and floral. Ask around for vendor suggestions when it comes to custom hair pieces or hair stylist. Here at Providence Place, we have built great relationships with several stylists, and hair accessories vendors to provide our brides with several options. Call us today!